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Sophia Ruys & Cassidy Imperial-Pham are selected for ODP!!!

By Manu Appelius, 11/13/19, 10:00AM PST



Congratulations to Sophia Ruys (G2006 White) and Cassidy Imperial-Pham (G2004 White) for being selected to the players pool of the 2019 Winter Cycle for the Calsouth Pro+/ODP Program.

Sophia is coached by Luty Neveleff and was selected for the 2006 age group, while Cassidy plays for Coach Guilherme Mitrovitch and was selected for the 2004 age group. 

Well done, Cassidy and Sophia! We are proud of you!!!

Sophia Ruys in action!

Cassidy Imperial-Pham in action!

Cassidy Imperial-Pham, first seated from the left

Sophia Ruys, first from the left, center row